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Integrated Care Model

Because every part of your health is connected, we operate from an Integrated Care Model. Integrated Care addresses the whole of your health needs. Our providers work with you and other providers on your team to determine which of our services will best serve you.

We’re Here for the Whole You

Think of us as your all-in-one medical care network. Our integrated care model means we’re not just a doctor’s office. In addition to medical care, we also provide dental care, women’s health services, pediatrics, behavioral health, social/environmental support and pharmacies.

Our Model

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health includes your emotional, social and mental health. Behavioral health support is available to all our patients.

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Dental Health

Our dentists have the unique ability to collaborate with other providers. They work with all of our departments to provide the best treatment for you.

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Medical Health

Accessible primary care is key to achieving life-long health. We provide excellent medical care when and where you need it.

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Women’s Health

From family planning to pregnancy care, our team supports women in all aspects of reproductive health.

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Good health begins when you’re young. We provide pediatric care at multiple locations throughout Lexington, including at school-based clinics.

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Prescription medication can be expensive. Our onsite pharmacies create convenience and reduced costs for qualifying patients.

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Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health are conditions where you live, learn and work that affect health risks. We have teams that can work with you to remove barriers keeping you from achieving your optimal health.

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