Become an Advocate

Join us in the fight for health equity for all.

Want to advocate on behalf of health care for all? Health centers like ours are the cornerstone of health equity. They’re a key piece of giving everyone the health care they deserve. But without advocates working on behalf of health centers, we wouldn’t be able to serve the people who need us most.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who publicly supports a cause. Our advocates help HealthFirst serve patients well. Some advocates work with local, state and federal governments to change laws and secure funding. Others help get the word out about HealthFirst in the community.

There are lots of ways to be an advocate!

  • Local, state and federal planning
  • Advocacy training
  • Regular connection with key community stakeholders
  • Coordinated communication and action
  • Advocating on behalf of health centers to your state and federal congress
  • Volunteering
  • Becoming a board member

Who are our advocates?

HealthFirst Bluegrass advocates are passionate community members who believe in accessible health care. They promote our outstanding services and our integrated care model.

Advocacy Events

Our advocates also host small, community events that give an overview of HealthFirst’s vision and impact. These engage community members who resonate with our mission.

Interested in becoming an advocate?